New swg ppol owner, pool cloudy blueish

Apr 19, 2017
Silver Creek
We bought a new house with a 18x36 swg pool. It looks pretty good I guess, first test with tf100
Fc 6
Cc .5
Ph 7.2
Ta 130? If I did it right
Cya 40

Aqua rite says 3100 on salt, it's close, I had it checked at LPS last week.
My ph was off the scale at over 8.6
I added about 1/2 gallon muratic acid and got the pH down.
First time doing any kind of test besides the simple 3 way test.
Thanks guys.

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Texas Splash

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Hello Terry and thanks for posting those results. Now based on the title of your thread, test results, and because your CYA is low (40) for a SWG pool, that might mean your pool is on the verge of an algae outbreak. It may have been struggling to maintain the proper FC, even though you currently tested FC at 6. What I would recommend is doing an overnight (OCLT) test. This could confirm if the FC dropped too low at some point to allow algae to start blooming. For today, you might consider adding some "regular/plain" bleach as well to bump-up the FC for today. Perhaps increase FC to about 10 for today. Then overnight do the OCLT and see if you pass. Of course if you fail the OCLT, you know you need to SLAM (link below). Maybe give your pool a good brushing today as well in case anything is trying to grow against the pool walls or bottom. Good luck and keep us posted.

Pool School - Perform the Overnight FC Loss Test (OCLT)


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

Welcome to TFP.. A Great resource for pool owners from any color creek... :snorkle:

From your tests, I noticed that your pH is 7.2. Anything between 7.2 and 7.8 is fine, but most SWCG pools like to be on the 7.8 end.

When your pH goes higher than 7.8, I suggest you only try to lower it to 7.6 or so. I find that my pool will often stay at 7.8 for several weeks, but will only stay at 7.2 for a few seconds.. :p

When you run the OCLT, make sure your SWCG is off or set to zero output.

Jim R.
Apr 19, 2017
Silver Creek
Retested tonight.
Fc is at 11 after running the swg at superchlorinate today.
I think my ta is around 100
This was before vacuumingthe pool this afternoon. We'll see what it looks like on the morning. I haven't done the oclt yet.
But cc was less than .5 today.
20170427_072057.jpg 20170427_072107.jpg 20170427_072123.jpg

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