New Stone Scapes! Help!


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Feb 27, 2017
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Hey guys! Been reading threads on here for quite a while, but time to finally post in a panic. I just hired a contractor to replaster our pool. We went with StoneScapes midnight blue and it turned out looking great. We have a small pool so they left filling it up. It finished this morning, but the contractor never showed back up. When I got home from work I started the equipment and called my contractor. He told me there was nothing else for them to do and that they added some 'startup acid' when they started putting water in the pool and I just brush it every so many days and there is nothing more to do. He said to just use it like a normal pool now. This doesn't sound right. I always thought starting up a pool or curing the plaster was a complicated process. I am worried about ruining the work he just did. I'm sure this is covered somewhere else but in a panic I couldn't find it.


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Jul 10, 2012
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We got ya! Here is THE link for you!

Pool School - Start-up New Plaster

The no swimming for 30 days depends on the start up.

Can you find out the "start up acid" and how much?

Do you have a test kit? If not you need to get one so you can take GOOD care of your new plaster! Look in my siggy below for the test kit I think is the best bang for the buck.

Proper care of your new plaster will make last a L.O.N.G time! Here is some reading for you to do while you wait on your test kit:

Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry


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