New Stenner Pump install


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Jun 8, 2018
Recently installed a Stenner Pump it’s the 85 17gpd pump. If I did it right it should pump around 1.51 oz a minute. It has a #2 tube. Would it be best to pump chlorine into pool 1st thing in morning all at once while sun isn’t out to get more life out of the chlorine before the sun kills it. Do you raise it to the max for the cya level chart. Before I was just adding it by hand at night to the max level.



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Jul 6, 2017
Kinston, NC
I add liquid chlorine right at dusk so that there will be an all night dwell time, uninterrupted by light. As far a levels go: I use 7.5% of CYA as my absolute minimum, add 1ppm for buffer / error , and then add daily chlorine at my loss rate. No reason to raise to shock levels unless you have a problem, lots of swimmers, close, open, or find pool with too little FC. I think it's best to think in ppm. Calibrate your Stenner so that you will know what your run time is for 1ppm of FC increase for your pool. Right now, my pool is still covered with a porous cover. I'm adding 1.5ppm each day. Last year, I changed my Stenner rate 8 times all season.
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