New spa pump cycling on and off


New member
Apr 30, 2017
eastern NC
I have a new waterway viper two speed pump. The pump is correctly connected, black to low, red to high, common connected, and ground connected to the little green bolt. The pump is also grounded to the earth. The pump will quickly cycle on and off in low and the pump will throw the 20 amp GFCI breaker in high. I have 120v on both leads. I can see what I would call the contactor or relay, moving back and forth as it cycles on and off. The pump does move water but not very efficiently. As soon as it goes to high speed it throws the breaker. Anyone have any ideas other than its a bad pump. The pump does not cycle with no load. Sometimes it will run for maybe 30 seconds then acts like it thermals out. Its warm not hot. It will restart after a minute or two after you hear a little click. You can cut the power and after about a minute or two you hear a click and it can be restarted, with the same results.