New solid pool cover allowing water in pool?


Aug 28, 2009
Lehigh Valley PA
Hello,all. I'm hoping someone can answer some questions I have . I have a new pool that was finished this summer. It's a 26x37 freeform gunite pool with an 18" raised spa. We had our pool closed on 9/27 by a pool company. We have a Merlin solid safety cover. Because of the raised spa we have pillows filling in the gaps on the side of the raised spa. I never really went out to take a good look at things the day the cover was put on because we had a lot of rain for a couple of days. When I finally did get a chance to check it out I saw there was a noticeable gap on one side where the pillow sits under the cover. Definitely large enough for a small animal to crawl in there. So I call the pool company to come check it out. They came out yesterday. I was just getting home when they were finishing up and the tech matter-of factly says my pool was full almost to the top! My pool was drained about 6 inches below the skimmers the day of closing. How could this much water get into the pool? He tried to say maybe our decking was draining toward the pool (ridiculous). It wouldn't explain why the spa was filled, too. He said that with new solid covers there are minute holes where the straps are stitched to the cover. That these will eventually fill with debris and it wouldn't happen anymore. So I just spent $4800 on a cover that needs to dirty up before it works properly? Has anyone heard of this? Even if this is true, how could I have gotten 6-8" of water in 3 1/2 weeks. Now, we did have a couple of really good soakers here in the northeast but I don't see how it could fill this much.

The pool co. called Merlin and they said this could be a fluke and it's under warranty if that's the case. So, basically they're taking a wait and see attitude while I'm pumping out tons of water with my little pool cover pump that I now have sitting on the top step of the pool. I just don't know what else I should be doing. This is the first pool I've had so I have no idea what is normal. I appreciate any insight you have on this. Thanks for reading.


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Jun 12, 2009
Exeter, PA
Could it be possible the hydrostatic valve let water into your pool? You would have to have a great deal of under ground water for this to happen though.