New smilies...


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Mar 29, 2007
Coastalish 'down easter'
I LOVE most of the new ones, however - it now takes up a full screen to view them all (if you add more, it'd be a 'double click' to see all of them) Just my $.02 :shaking: :salut: :cheese: :clown: :fro: :ncool:

(I forgot to add ... :bowdown: :-D


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The Mermaid Queen said:
:queen: :nemo: :chef: :rendeer:

Fun! I totally forgot I was supposed to find some more. Oh well, looks like you picked up the slack once again, SeanB!!
Well, I finally got around to reading and figured out how to upload a large group at one time instead of individually like I had been. Plus I figured we needed a few Christmas themed. :thumright:


COOL, :cheese: :eye: :tongue: :albino: :farao: :alien: :fish: :flower: :bigsmurf:


:salut: thanks sean