New set of numbers


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Aug 26, 2007
Covington, Georgia
Well finally the pump is fixed and we started adding chems last night.

These are tonights results from last nights addition:

FC 2
CC .5
TC 2.5
CYA 30

Last night we put in the pool 1/2 a 5 # jug/bottle of stab (wife wasnt happy about the panty hose thing btw)
8 # of baking soda and 3 qts of bleach.

Tonight I put the rest of the stab in before I did the tests ( I know , shame shame) should I take the panty hose out or just let it dissolve ? I also am adding another 3 qt bottle of bleach tonight.

Also is it ok to put the pool cover on or should I wait a day or two. rain is in the forecast for the weekend here in GA ( Of course, its the weekend!) to help with chemical evaporation from the sun and air?

We had alot of trees cut down around the pool this spring so it will be exposed to more sunlight, what should our ideal cya number be ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!