New Sand Filter for 32000 gal IG pool - replace older Hayward EC65 DE filter


New member
Jun 24, 2020
My Hayward EC65 DE filter is starting to leak DE into the pool, took it apart and noticed cracks in plastic diaphrams. It's over 10 yrs old, maybe 15, and after talking to local pool store very undersized for my pool (im not sure). My pool is maybe 32,000 gallons, IG. old style with 8+ft deep end, diving board, and slide, 18x40. I take it apart multiple times a year and clean's a crazy contraption. I want more 'ease of use' and im looking for Sand. Pump was replaced end of 2018 - SuperPump 1 1/2 hp. Is Hayward Sand S244T too small?
I'd really like suggestions for easy up keep than DE EC65. i don't need to drink the water, just swim in it.