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Feb 28, 2017
Atlanta, GA
Hi everyone,
I moved into my new home with heated salt water pool a week ago, which is dream come true for me. I am currently trying to learn as much as possible about the system and the configuration and looking for some information which I hope you can help me with please.

From what I have researched and identified so far this is my pool setup:

Type: Salt water gunite pool
Size: 20 000 gallons
Surface: In-ground
Pool Pump: Century Two speed 2HP Type:CXPM Frame:Y56Y
Pressure Cleaner Booster Pump: Polaris PB4-60
Filter: Pentair tagelus TA-1000
Salt Chlorination Cell: Hayward T-CELL-15
Valve actuator: Hayward Goldline GVA-24
Pool and Spa Heater: Legacy LRZ

I live in Atlanta, GA and already had an interesting experience with pool which turned on my outside pool lights when the freeze protect warning activated. This was not fun since we do not have any blinds on windows yet so sleeping was difficult. I was able to fix that with by disabling of the freeze warning for the lights through my Hayward Goldline Controls AQL2-POD.

My questions:

1. The freeze warning temperate for in ATL is currently set to 38 degrees. Can I lower this to 36? I of course do not want to risk bursting pipes so want to check what is the best temperate to set?
2. During freeze warning period my filter as well as my cleaner booster pump is activated. Is it necessary for the pool cleaner to be activated as well?
3. The filter timer (Filter T1-all) is currently set from 8:00am to 8:00pm. Is this set because of winter time? It seems like a long time to run and would it not be better to run the filter during the night rather which will also mitigate the freeze issue? what is the best time range to set for the filter to run during the now winter time, and then also for during the summer months?
4. What is the gallons per minute rate for the my pump? (Century Two speed 2HP Type:CXPM Frame:Y56Y)

The pools is not covered and is used through the year.
Thank you and appreciate the help


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Aug 10, 2012
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Welcome to TFP!

1. Set it as low as it will let you. It is fine to run it on low speed for freeze protection.
2. Yes, all pumps need to run so that water is circulated through all plumbing. Especially plumbing that is above ground at the equipment pad.
3. It is fine to run it at night to help with freeze protection. 12 hours is way too much run time. 2 or 3 hours is likely all you need. More here, Pool School - Determine Pump Run Time
4. That is the motor info, need to know what pump it is, the wet end. It will probably be Hayward or Pentair, based on what your other stuff is.