New Router and Can't Connect Screenlogic


Aug 21, 2010
Are you kidding me!!!! Holy cow! I did get some yelling and screaming and "I just lost my COD game," BUT...that worked!!! Changed router IP to 192.168.1. and the router UI asked if I wanted to automatically change the range as well. I said, "sure!" And lo and behold, as soon as I did that and everything rebooted and reset, the router recognized the PA and now the transmitter is talking to the outside transmitter and I can see the PA on the Screenlogic software! Unbelievable! Y'all rock!
I've researched and researched and this is the first I've seen of ensuring the router is still on (or at least the original IP).
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Nov 19, 2018
Tuscola, TX
More than likely the PA has a static IP set on it which is why it didn't show up before. Glad you got it figured out. Not sure what happens if you click on the configure IP info button. You may be able to change it to dynamic instead of static so you don't run into this issue again in the future if you decide to upgrade routers again.
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