New refilled pool - starting to balance


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Apr 4, 2017
Cypress, TX
I just emptied, cleaned and refilled my pool.

I do have a TF-100 kit, but don't know if I'm using the Pool Math app correctly.

pH = 8.2 (or higher)
TA = 340
CH = 50
CYA = 0
Salt = 0
Water temp = 86

I'm waiting on my new salt cell to come in to add salt back into the mix. What should I do?


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Jun 8, 2019
Milwaukee, WI
Add acid to lower the pH. (TA will come down with it but don't worry about TA except to measure it to put into the calculators, or else the acid will be off.) Target 7.4 or so, add about half the acid, test in 30 mins, add the rest or re-adjust the dose.

Add CYA to 30ppm to start and chlorinate up to 6ppm to get some FC in the water. Treat like a non-SWG pool until the SWG is up and running, and then bump the CYA as appropriate for a SWG pool. :)