New Raypak heater will not stay running


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Jun 6, 2020
Southampton, ON
Hello all, I have a 18x33 above ground pool. I have been on salt since I started 19years ago. Had a Hayward heater for the first 3 years then it gave me trouble so I got rid of it and just use the solar blanket. Well jump ahead to a month ago and a new grand daughter and it seams the pool needs to be a bath tub, Lol, that's okay I'm getting too old too for cold water. Anyways, I bought a Raypak 206A digital heater and had it installed. Full 3/4" NG line right from the main, had a cord wired to a stand alone receptacle with no GFCI. Turned it on and it ran for 3hrs then it won't relight. It sparks, lights the pilot then keeps sparking as if the pilot didn't light. The safety is it sparks for 90sec and if it doesn't see the pilot it shuts down for 6min. then it tries again, same thing over and over. Had a service tech come and clean the flame sensor and check for dirt from the new install. Still won't light. The digital display board has a display of the signal strength of the pilot signal of 0-8. Mine is showing 0, so it won't open the gas valve. The tech called Rheem here in Canada (they sell RayPAk here) and the online guy said "Oh you have a bad ground issue because it's through a cord, needs to be hard wired". So I direct wired to the electrical panel, on a stand alone circuit. So, I try it again,,, guess what,,,, same thing. Any one have an idea what we should try?
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