New Radiant inground pools to be installed soon


Apr 29, 2020
Long Island, NY

We will be having a Radiant inground pool, oval 12x20 installed soon. The pool will be delivered in about a week, and between now and then our town permits should be completed. It's been a harrowing experience dealing with the whole thing, from planning to buying the pool, to getting an installer who can do the job before September. Seems everyone in Long Island wants a pool this summer. Surprisingly, it only took about 2.5 weeks for Radiant to get the pool to the store, which was half the time we were expecting. Anyway, here's the setup we are doing.

-12x20 inground radiant, with 20 mil Merlin liner
-Hayward EC65 DE bump style filter with 1 HP super pump, single speed. We went single speed since we have a small pool and we won't need to run it that long each day and the cost to upgrade didn't seem worth it.
-AquaComfort ACT750 electric heat pump
-we will have a 5' deep side
-no stairs, ladder only
-1 skimmer, 2 return jets
-1 multi colored LED light

I am nervous about everything being installed properly since this costs so much money. I'm also nervous about setting up the pool water after, though the store said they'd walk me through it. But I know the pool will be sitting with water for at least a few days between filling and when the electric is done.

Any thought it tips are appreciated.


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Jun 16, 2019
Hey Baker and Welcome !! You’ll need a reliable test kit to have a trouble free experience. Get a TF-100 from

then head over toABCs of Pool Water Chemistry To begin you journey. There are tons of folks here to answer and questions you have. You are sitting pretty they you wound up here before you needed us.