New pump


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Jan 6, 2010
San Dimas, CA (LA County)
Everything's been perfect with the pool for several months now.

Early this morning I ran the pump for a short while when I added bleach.

Then I was out and about and finally did something we've been discussing for months and bought a new Honda generator. I was so excited to have shiny new toys. I figured I'd use the generator to run my weedwhacker, just to be sure it worked. Then I'd mow the lawns. So I'll be wanting the pool ready for when I'm done.

So I walk out there and think, "I wonder if the timer's messed up? It should be running." The pump is not running. The timer is on. The circuit breaker is tripped. Uh-oh. Reset it. Pump buzzes, breaker pops. Stick my hand in there, impeller turns. A quick trip to the pool store with numbers, owner tells me he can sell me a capacitor if I want, but no returns. Then he looks something up on a chart and tells me the motor is 10 or 11 years old. The motor was pretty hot.

Another $300 spent today. But I have a new motor on the pump. And it works. And it doesn't appear to be leaking, so I must have installed it right.


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Aug 3, 2009
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weird that you just posted this....Last night...I got home from work during a thunderstorm....look out at the pool and my water is dead circulation.. I run my Hayward 1.5hp pump 24/7.....what the !$@^^#& go outside and the GFCI is tripped, I pull the plug and reset it..plug the pump in..trips immediately. Figure I'll just leave it off until morning, when I can see more...this morning go out, empty all skimmer and pump baskets...dry off pump from rain water, etc, dry off connections....plug it back in STILL tripping the GFCI...Dang!!

Ordered a new 1.5hp pump from Doheny's should be here tomorrow.