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Apr 17, 2010
I've been researching all evening trying to figure out if my current sand filter is adequately sized for the pool.

Sand Filter: Swim Pro 236T with this:
Effective filtration area: 2.53ft2
filtration rate: 25 gpm/ft2
filter & backwash design flow rate: 63 gpm

Pump is 1.5HP

From what I can figure the minimum flow rate I need for 23800 gallons of water in my pool is 49.58. I think this filter is sufficient for the pool but am just not sure. I think the pump is going to die at some point this summer so I want to research and figure out what pump would be a good choice before it dies so I already have it onsite.

Also if the above is correct, how long should I have to run the pump to clean the pool sufficiently?


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Jun 22, 2009
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I would agree with Scott's recommendation and just add to make it a 2-speed.

The Filter is ok for that size pool. At 50gpm you'll need to run your pump about 8 hours to get one turnover and that's what's recommended.

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