New pump recomendation.


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Sep 6, 2007
I'm looking for informed suggestions for a new pump, calculators show huge savings for variable speed pumps. I have a 16 year old Sta-Rite, 2hp single speed Dyna Wave pump with 2" inlets. Pump is level with top of pool and runs are 50' to 60'. Main drain, 2 skimmers, and 3 returns. 16'x32' pool. I have it on a timer and run it 12 hour a day. Pool has a large Sta-Rite cartridge filter, chlorine generator, and auto-cover. I'm in Minnesota, so I only run it June through Sep. Thanks!
Sep 23, 2015
Jim, take a look at the Hayward TriStar and EcoStar VS pump. Have read good reviews about it and its interface. I might switch to one of them once mine dies (a single speed). One thing for sure, whatever you buy go for a VS pump. Also, take a look at your power run to the equip as some pump run on 120 v and others 220v. Hope it helps.