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Sep 18, 2012
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I finally replaced my single-speed 1.5HP pump (with possible bad bearings - REALLY loud) with a 1HP dual speed pump (Hayward SP15922S). 1st off, I am amazed at the noise reduction even on high speed.

Several questions:
  • I leave the solar cover on most of the time when not in use, so skimming is not really a factor. Can I just run on low speed for adequate daily chlorine distribution and filtering/water clarity?
  • The heater kicks on with low speed. Are there any disadvantages to running on low speed when heating is required?
  • On high speed, my pressure (with a new cartridge filter) is reading about 11 PSI. I'm reading 0 PSI on low speed. I would have expected a non-0 reading in low speed. Is this normal?

Next I'll replace the bearing and seal on the single-speed motor so I have a backup. When ordering parts, is there anything I need to be aware of? I haven't found great information online for my older motor, but I'm hopeful Inopools can guide me.

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Hello! :wave: Someone else will have to confirm the heater part, but for your other two questions:
- Running on low is fine. I do that all the time. High only for vacuuming, mixing chemicals faster, etc.
- Little to no reading when the pump is on low is fine as well. My needle doesn't move on low either.

For your back-up repair, just make sure to request the "Go-Kit" for that model motor so you get everything that should come with it. Inyo is really good about that. :)


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Jun 4, 2012
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Ideally, your heater should be run with the pump on high speed. To get max heat transfer out of the unit the water has to move thru it quickly. Seems counter intuitive but the faster you can move cool water thru it the more heat it can pull out. Temperature differential is the key here...often referred to as Delta T. The higher the Delta T is the better the heat transfer.