New pump problem solved


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Apr 26, 2020
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Hey all. Thanks for this great page. I am a 3 year pool owner, and a self proclaimed DIY. When opening the pool this spring my pump shaft was frozen. I ordered a new pump from Amazon. When I installed the pump I changed the diffuser seal and the two part shaft seal. I did not change out the housing gasket (the motor mounts to the filter).
When i started the pool pump the pool would not prime; even after being sure the intake pipes were filled with water.
After sticking a garden hose down the filter intake I was able to get the pool pump to prime. However it did not sound good, it sounded labored. I immediately shot off the pool pump. When I did so I had a geyser come up from my intake filter and water pushing out pass the shaft seal of the new pump.
After this incident I could not get the pump to prime again. After reviewing this forum and others like it, I concluded I had a suction side air leak. I decided the best course of action was to disassemble the new motor, inspect the shaft seal, change out the housing seal and see what would transpire.
well, I concluded the shaft seal spring was compressed. I pulled it out and reseated it. I also tightened the impeller more than I had previously. Then I changed out the housing seal. Once I reassembled (30 minutes down time tops) the pool pump primed immediately.
Back in business.
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