New Pump Needed


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Jun 20, 2014
Our old pump has suddenly got very loud so i'm going to replace it. I was going to a company to do it but for pumps that cost $400 or $500 they want to charge close to $1,000. We have a simple set up and the wiring is easy to get to so I've decided to do it myself. I'd liek some advice on pumps to consider.
I want a variable speed pump. We currently have a 1.5hp Jacuzzi 15UF-S with a A.O.Smith Motor, I think the motor is a P56J.
The pump is running on 220V
The pool is 20,000 gallons.
We have a sand filter system which is also, Jacuzzi, I think it is a Lazer Sand Filter.
I’m also thinking of fitting a chlorine generator but might do this later in the summer when I have some time.
What pumps and chlorine generators should I consider?



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May 16, 2010
Chapel Hill, NC
Plumbing a new pump in should be trivial. You probably don't need a 1.5 HP pump (just a 1 HP) but I'll let others chime in on this. Just pay careful attention to the wiring - a 220v motor is wired very differently than a 110v pump. The pump may or (probably) may not come with any wiring information. The internet is your friend (as it this forum)!


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Feb 22, 2009
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I had a 14K abv with a Jacuzzi pump and Lazer. After flooding, I replaced it with a 3/4 hp and it was more than enough. I tried an Intex swcg which worked well, but didn't last long. I moved up to a CircuPool and have been very happy with it. I moved the CircuPool to our new house and changed out a Pentair Superflo to a Speck91A vs 1.1hp. 120/240 Volt, self detecting - it doesn't care which. Came with a 120vac plug but an easy change to 240 hardwired. Sweet and easy!