New Pump - how much HP?


Jun 12, 2016
West Babylon, NY
So I thought my 30+ year old hayward 1hp lx pro pump just died, it was humming and kept tripping my circuit breaker.

Someone on here said capacitor, did some research, and although the impeller seems to be spinning just fine, is all clean, and I didn't feel any resistance or corrosion while manually spinning it. This video did the trick for me regardless.

I have pretty much the exact same motor in the video, I did the spin a few times with it off, then while I turned it on, and back to life it is.

Anyhow, I already decided a month ago I needed a stronger pump. I feel like 1hp is not enough. I have an 8,500 gal 15*24 semi inground pool, with PVC plumbing under ground (mostly) but I also have 3 solar panels on a rack, ground level. 2x20 feet each, so 6x20 feet total give or take.

The water flows very slow with the panels on, I can barely vacuum with the panels on so unless I'm killing for some extra heat, I bypass the panels to vacuum. Still I feel like I should aim for a bit more pressure on the return so circulate my water better for cleaning purposes. Also, this pump seems like its on its way out, so It would be nice to keep it around for an emergency, and maybe get a stronger pump.

Is it all about horsepower or can another 1hp motor provide more flow? The plumbing goes up about 6 feet off the ground to get into the top of my solar array, then the water makes it way back down through the panels. I'm using a few 1.5 inch flex hoses to connect the panels, and the PVC is all 1.5 inch for the rest of the plumbing.

I want to stay with a pump that is 110. So should I go with a 1.5 hp? a 1hp with stronger flow somehow? A variable speed?

I have a hayward DE filter so I need to try to find one that is compatible with that.


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Jul 3, 2013
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You will not find a cheaper VS pump than this but they are only 220v.. There are some VS 110v pumps but they are way expensive...

3hp VS

1.5hp VS

They will both save you massive amounts of money but the 3hp will save more because you can move more water running at a lower RPM than the 1.5 HP VS.. :)
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