New pump and adding a heater


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Mar 12, 2017
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Hello, my pool is about forty years old. It's a 35,000 gallon vinyl liner and my family would like it heated. We've gone over the virtues of using the pool cover especially if we are going to be heating the pool. After getting the pool system upgraded the PVC will be painted and a vented cover will be put over the equipment.

This is the current setup
Hayward DE4820 filter
Old solar heating that will eventually be replaced but is ineffective for now
Centurion 1.5hp single speed pump
1.5" Copper feed and return lines

At one point there was a natural gas heater but I'm guessing it failed and was removed, you can see the capped line in the photo.

I am capable of plumbing and electrical but would rather a professional did it based on the cost to do so. A local company was recommended to me and they quoted the following.

Pentair Intelliflo pump $1800 installed
Pentair MasterTemp 400K heater $3400 installed

The heater will go back into its original spot to the left of the pump. Should the heater be plumbed with a shutoff valve and a bypass valve?

For now the solar will be capped on the roof, the panels are old and there are not enough of them. I'm hoping to add modern solar to the roof after I get it re-papered and tiled.

Thank you for any advice you might have for my project.


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Jul 21, 2013
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What model number IntelliFlo pump is proposed?

Those prices look reasonable.

I always recommend a heater bypass be installed using a 3 way diverter and a check valve...

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