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Apr 29, 2017
Lincoln, CA
Hey everyone, I'm not new but my pool is. This is our second build and I am looking for a little input from you guys on start up. We're 30 days after fill so the builder had a pool service complete the first month. Here's what they left me with.
FC 5
PH 8.0
TA 70
CH 200
CYA 50
Salt 200
Temp 48

Not too bad. They're supposed to come add salt this week. I know I'll have to add in spring but would like it for when we use the spa and don't want to store it all winter. My main question is with CH, my fill water is 50 so it's going to gradually rise. Do I need to raise it to prevent any leaching from the plaster or is it ok? Also, my last pool I let the PH run 7.8-8 and about a year or two in I started to develop some calcium scale on the water line tile. I'd like to avoid that. Should I try to maintain a lower PH even though it likes to run high? Thanks!

Also, I'm not entirely sure on how many gallons but hopefully I'll have a better idea here when I start adding chemicals.


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Jan 31, 2020
Raleigh, NC
I'm a new pool owner going through my first winter also with water temps close to yours. Id suggest checking your CSI before adding salt and use PoolMath to see what your CSI would be after the salt is added. With your cold water your CSI will probably go a lot more negative if you add salt right now. You may find you will want to hold off on salt until the water warms up. Just get them to bring you the bags and store them in your garage until spring. I'd definitely recommend not doing anything until more experienced members chimed in with other suggestions. Good Luck!

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DJ, your numbers look good in PoolMath. The colder water is helping you with the slightly elevated pH. That's expected in colder water and just fine. So for now, Id say leave things alone. If you chose to add some calcium just to get to about 250 or so, watch the CSI in the PoolMath APP. A higher CH might require the pH to be slightly lower. But for now I think you're in great shape. Once the water temps increase, then you may need to make a couple changes. Congrats on the new pool.
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