New pool with finish issue


Sep 8, 2017
Folsom, CA
New pool finished mid-March, just started really using in the last 2 weeks. I noticed a spot where the microfusion pebbles were completely gone, leaving an indentation that is white. Then I noticed more...long story short there are 2-3 dozen places where this is happening, all over the pool (bottom & sides, deep & shallow). The size is in the 1/4" range, irregular size. I set up a warranty visit with Premier Pools today, who claims this is normal, and discouraged me from trying to address it (have to drain pool, patches won't match, etc). I have a hard time believing all these holes are normal, but don't have any experience -- thoughts? See pics attached.


In addition to the holes,
1. There are significant irregularities in the sides and bottom. They are apparent when you walk around, and at especially at night when the light is on. Pic below.
2. There are at least two areas where there is a 1/2" wide x 1/4" high mound of extra micro fusion
3. There are areas where the micro fusion appears to be pitted
Taken altogether, very concerned about the quality of the micro fusion finish.




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Nov 14, 2017
Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Troy are you positive that the areas are pitted? I have new pebble and only just notched areas like this since my water cleared up. Since I have examined them more closely I am almost certain they are bits of mortar that I haven’t brushed off properly. I have about 3 areas. Two look to be about the same size as yours and one a little bigger. They are in areas I have trouble brushing well - along the bottom of the pool length ledge. At first glance I freaked out but although I haven’t fully confirmed its mortar as it’s too cold outside for me to get in I am almost positive that is what it is.

As far are overall quality. That is determined by looking at the pool in the day time. Lights will always highlight any irregularities and it is a hand produced product. I think your finish looks beautiful. Definitely check out those areas of pitting more carefully as contact your pb if that is what it is.
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