New pool, when to test CYA level


Jul 5, 2010
Ok, I'm trying to figure out how to do all this. This was supposed to be my husbands job :? We have a new pool. About 2 weeks old. I'm going to try the BBB method. I got my test kit. I added some CYA in a stocking in the skimmer box yesterday. It was all gone today. Do I have to wait 5 days to test it, or would I get an accurate result now. The pool is in full sun, and the chlorine is being used up rapidly, so hopefully that improves once I get a good CYA level.


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Five days .... but assume that your targeted CYA level is your new CYA level and adjust your FC level accordingly. So if your target was 50, assume your level is now 50, and then refer to the CYA chart.

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