New pool, when to start SWG?


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May 10, 2007
Austin, TX
I have a new IG w/ PebbleSheen finish. I've been running the pool for the last 5 weeks just using chlorine tabs and maintaining proper chem levels. Everything is pretty stable now, just have to add acid every few days.

Now for the point of my post...
The instructions provided by the PebbleSheen installer advised to wait one month before adding salt, however the staff at the pool store we use (he seems very knowledgeable) laid out a good argument for waiting an additional month before adding salt. Basically his argument is that the pebbletec (at this critical stage) will cure better with a lower pH and adding salt will make it harder to control the pH.

Does that make sense? Or should I just goahead and add the salt.


It's not the salt per se that will make it harder to control the pH, it's that SWGs can make the pH rise (as can all sources of unstabilized chlorine) while trchlor tabs are extremely acidic and are useful for controlling pH in new plaster pools , which tends to rise very fast duing the the curing process. IF you are willing to monitor your pH daily and add acid to keep it in line then you will have no problems but if you are not then stick with the trichlor for a while until the plaster has cured somewhat.