New pool was filled last night... and now...


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Jul 22, 2010
Reading, PA
Ok. Fire Dept filled our new AG pool (18ft round- 52" high) last night.

Based on what I have read here, I would like to go BBB, but I got a box of "starter chemicals" (shock, etc...) that came with the pool--no instructions of course. :roll:

I have been all over this site today and quite honestly, I'm dizzy. You guys really know your stuff, but it seems most of the threads I've read are having to do with pools that are already up and running. I want to get this right from the very beginning...and here I the very beginning. :)

It's going to be 99 here on Saturday and my kids are dying to get in this pool.

My questions are:

What do I need to do to get up and running safely by Saturday (48 hours) if that is even possible? The FD actually filled from a hydrant, not the truck, and the water was pretty clear, but I have no test kit that I know of. It could be buried in the bottom of a box, but I looked pretty thoroughly and found nothing.

I've read here that there are 3 recommended test kits. I'm game for any of the 3. Where can these be purchased, besides online and being sent to me in the mail? I know that I need one asap, right?

I'm looking forward to really digging in here and getting this right. I just need to get going, if you know what I mean.

Your responses are appreciated.



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Mar 22, 2010
Without a test kit it is going to be hard to decide where to go. Best bet right now is to take a water sample to a local pool store so you can get your base numbers. Just get numbers, don't buy anything and post them up here. Everyone will help you and tell you what to add.

Just go ahead and get the TF100 online, mine was delivered on the East Coast here in 48 hours. After you read the excellent directions it will be like coming out of a haze of crazy abbreviations and numbers and knowing exactly what to do with the test kit and the pool calculator. I was you last week, PB filled pool and walked away. Used basic FC and PH test to get some chlorine in the pool until I got my TF100 then adjusted to the new numbers. Crystal clear and all balanced after just a couple days.


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Jul 22, 2010
Reading, PA
Yep, it's a seasonal pool.

Thanks for the quick responses guys. I'm going to go ahead and order the test kit you recommended. Hopefully, like you, in a week I'll be breathing a little easier.


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Oct 29, 2009
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In the meantime, you'll be in good shape if you follow the instructions in Pool School here:

I would go to walmart and get some CYA, bleach, muriatic acid, borax, and a cheapo drop-based Cl+pH test kit, then follow the instructions in Pool School. The last thing you want is algae while you wait for your TF-100.


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Jun 1, 2010
if you follow the seasonal pool guide and you buy a "shock" product make sure it contains trichlor or dichlor (sp?), the HTH shock products sold at walmart do not contain either, you have to read the labels to make sure.

You will be well served following the seasonal pool guide. Also consider buying a solar cover for your pool, those leaf covers are garbage.

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