New Pool this Summer Traces of Algae Forming


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Mar 31, 2018

Just finishing up Summer here in Phoenix. A Couple of weeks back after work travel I notices the pool was a bit cloudy and on the walls there was green Algae starting for form. I shocked the pool with 2-3 (I cant remember now) of liquid chlorine and gave it a good sweep. Seemed to be fine for the last couple weeks of summer.

This week I am noticing the formation of the green algae again so I busted out the TF100 for it's maiden voyage today. Results below:
FC 4.5
CC 0.5 ; TC 5.0
TA 100-110
CH (hardest test for me) 550-600 I did this twice hence the range
CYA 60-62

I have read through the pool school materials a couple time and that calculator is a bit beyond my comprehension at the moment. So wanted to get your thoughts.



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May 29, 2017
kokomo IN
FC level is too low since your CYA is 60. Your FC should be double that or around 9 daily.

Do a SLAM and since you caught it early it should clear up quickly, but act fast. Then going forward keep your FC at least a minimum of 9 since you travel. I would aim for 10 if I was you since it is cheaper to have a bit too much FC than it is to go low.


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May 3, 2014
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