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Good evening all! I am so excited, I busted out my TF100 kit tonight and tested my pool for the first time! It was plastered on 9/24 and done filling on 9/25 and the builders pool person added chemicals on 9/25 then again yesterday. Yesterday she said she left some trichlor pucks in the skimmers (she threw in a bunch of shock too and some MA). Tonight I took it upon myself to test everything to see where I'm at. She is coming back Monday afternoon to give me "pool school", but I feel like after all the research I've done.. I could probably give her a little schooling :) The pool is crystal clear by the way and pretty much has been since day 1. I've brushed the darn thing 3 times a day for the first 7 days and now I'm just brushing it once a day... though that's probably overkill.

FC 1
CC .5
PH 7.2
CH 225
TA 40

Everything seems a little low but I'm not really worried (except for the CYA... but I'm guessing that will go up gradually with the pucks in there)... Once she's done giving me "pool school" should I ditch the pucks and get all my levels up manually with the calculator? I have a liquidator, but I'm not going to start using it until I get used to doing everything manually. Should I bother testing all of those again tomorrow or just the daily tests? Opinions welcome! Thanks!


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Your FC is too low. You should try to keep it up around 3 ppm. Many PB's use pucks as start up but as you can see, they add CYA and FC very slowly.

I would follow PB's start up advice but maybe add some more pucks or get your pump run time increased to increase FC.

No need to test again until you have spoken with PB.

Once you switch to liquidator, then add CYA separately to get to desired level (about 50 more)


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The PB didn't have any "start up advice" other than to listen to the pool school person... pool school was rescheduled for tomorrow, but I am pretty sure there will be no more chemicals added by them. In other words, I think it's just going to be a lesson on chemicals and maintaining the equipment. So I think I'm on my own at this point as far as chemicals go. Pump has been running full speed since startup. Should I worry about any of the other values yet or just go grab some chlorine and raise the FC up. I was going to buy some CH increase and stabilizer from Amazon to get those levels up (links below, opinion on price?), and I already stocked up on baking soda to get the TA up. Do you think it's too early to add any of that?

I would note that I have a couple of small brown spots on the plaster since startup. I have not used any fertilizer in my backyard, so I am not sure where they came from. PB said pool chemicals would dissolve the spots on their own, and to try using a wire brush (which didn't help much), but the spots are still there.


Oct 5, 2014
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You can find lab purity Cal-Chlor in small pellet form at your local hardware or ranch supply store. In the swim is convenient for me at work when our local guys are out on vacation, but the prices are a bit high. $51 bucks for 25lbs of calcium is extremely expensive, at least where I am. My local guy delivers 50 lb bags of Cal-Chlor for 55 bucks.


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Granular Stabilizer is the best value. Liquid is instantaneous but much more costly. Put it in a sock in a skimmer or in front of a return jet. Either way, squeeze it often to speed up the dissolve process.
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