New Pool Test Levels With K-2006C & SWG - Water Not As Clear

Mar 20, 2017
Foster, RI
Hi everyone. I have been so excited to get our pool up and running. Its been great but we have been adjusting to get our levels to TFP recommended levels and within the last few days the water went from being crystal clear to clear but not as clear as before, looks a very tiny bit milky but not even close to unclear.

The only thing we have had to adjust since the pool company got everything treated for us several weeks ago is more salt and some 10004CXL Stabilizer to bring up CYA . Recommended salt was 3000 ppm, but we went up to 3400 ppm as advised on the TFP pages we read.

Just tested the water and here are the readings. I would really appreciate input and recommendations.

Salt - 3400 ppm
FC - 9ppm (way too high and we adjusted down the SWG to 8% to fit our new pump timer schedule)
PH - 7.4
TA - 110
CYA - 70
CH - 80

The pool is vinyl and 30000 gallons.

Thanks a lot!


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Apr 17, 2010
East Texas
My only input is.................LOOKS GREAT! As the SWG causes the PH to rise, adding muriatic acid will help lower your TA and help keep PH more stable.
Mar 20, 2017
Foster, RI
Well that is good news! Thank you very much for looking at my test levels. We are also considering adding Borax so adjusting the TA and PH is something we need to pay some close attention to first.