New Pool Startup - what does this entail?


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May 8, 2007
Glendale, AZ
Hi all,

I have been reading copious posts about maintaining my pools chem levels, etc and have learned so much already in my short time here. Since I am an owner builder of the inground shotcreete/pebble tec pool, what needs to be done to "Start the Pool"? I am getting a bit confused since many subs recommend someone be paid to "start the pool", but I am thinking that I can do it and get it started better through the info from you all at TFP. I can buy my pole, net, whale wall brush, test kit, etc.

What do they do when getting paid to "start up the pool"? Can you please enlighten me?

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Mar 28, 2007
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They probably don't do anything other than test the water and add the appropriate chem...... oh, well, in a perfect world that is what they do :roll: Really they test the water and then proceed to mess everything up!!

haha, all joking aside... they won't do anything other than what you have learned here. If you are prepared to tackle the day-to-day chemistry of your water, then you are totally qualified to start your pool... a little bleach, adjust the pH and TA, add your CYA (and calcium, if necessary), and voila! (Oh yeah, check for metals first, just in case, and add Jack's magic as needed)


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Jun 4, 2007
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From_Arizona said:
I can buy my pole, net, whale wall brush, test kit, etc.
Then go do it! You can buy ALL that stuff and more in what it will cost for a pool opening from the local goons. It's may also seem like you have to be a chemist to do it (and around here some are!) but after you get it all down you will be thinking "WOW...thats easy. These pool companies are really making a tidy profit".

I have reached a point where I find pool maintenence enjoyable and even relaxing. There is something therapeutic about vacuuming your pool early on a Sunday morning with a nice cup of coffee. :lol:

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