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Jul 7, 2014
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The ET 4 has 4 relays total.. but one of them is the Pump/Filter relay, it closes only when the pump is supposed to run.. You can't schedule it, or make it do what you want automatically.. This is why I say that the ET 4 really only has three owner programmable relays.

The Pump/Filter relay was originally for Single Speed pumps, and it would have controlled the AC power going to the pump. With VS pumps, the pump gets constant AC power and does not need the relay, but the relay does not know this and works like it always has. :)

Some installers will run the pump power to the line side of the pump/filter relay and then run the line side to the pump.. They are just using the relay as a connection point and not going through the contacts of the relay. The relay is also used when you want to make sure the pump is being told to run, before applying power to something else.. Like a SWCG's power center, or a booster pump etc.


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Sep 23, 2019
I am glad I found this forum. Do I need an easy touch automation panel if I am using gas heater, Hayward pump, Hayward sand filter, clear comfort ccw 110, automatic pool cover. I do have some in pool led lights and some landscaping lights around the pool patio. What else should I be considering?