new pool - should i start simple?


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May 18, 2013
North Scottsdale
I am planning on putting a pool into a new house construction in North Scottsdale, AZ. There are so many possibilities that I'm juggling that I am taking a step back and thinking about simplifying the design with the eye towards future additions. I just got down reading 14 pages of SWCG pros/cons.
  1. Should I hold off and not initially put in a SWCG? The PB is NOT recommending installing a SWCG. I plan to have Pebble Sheen pool finish.
  2. The PB IS recommending an ozone system. My understanding from this and the Pool Forum website is that an ozone system is a waste of my money. Delete it?[/*:m:6t1fzlw4]


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May 10, 2010
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SWG's are relatively easy to add later on, ozone is not needed for an outdoor pool, what other sort of additions were you considering putting in later on, some things are much easier than others.


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Apr 29, 2010
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If I had an SWCG I would enjoy it but the way my mind works is I would just be waiting for it to fail. Then I would have to shell out another XXX.xx to replace the cell and start the waiting to fail process all over again. If you travel ALOT then its a no brainer to add it to your equipment set. Delete the ozone thingamajig.


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Jun 5, 2012
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Like you, I tend to be a simplifier. I usually go with the simplest solution that will solve the problem or meet the need. Having said that, certain features are best added when the pool is built such as a spa, water features, and specifying 2" plumbing to name some. So if any of these are on your list, I would add them when the pool is built. A word about water features (e.g., waterfalls, fountains, etc.): The more of these you add, the more pumping power and flexibility you will need. If you were to install several such features, you may have to step up to a variable-speed pump to get the flexibility you need to turn them on/off. This will add cost to your pool build. Generally, one water feature such as a spillover spa or fountain is sufficient to provide a certain level of ambiance many pool owners desire while providing you with the ability to aerate your water which helps manage pH and TA. Plus managing one water feature can be done using a lower HP 2-speed pump instead of a VS pump.

It seems like you are on the fence regarding adding a SWG. Unless you travel a lot, I would leave that out for now. That is something that is easily added later. As the others have said, I would ditch the ozone generator.

Another item that many PB seem to push is the in-floor cleaning system. I would definitely avoid that. It adds cost to the initial build and provides that many more opportunities for malfunctions. It also usually requires a second pump. Plus, IMHO, it breaks up the uniformity of your pool's finish with all those pop-up heads. Would suggest either a pressure-type pool vac (e.g., Polaris) or robot type (e.g., Dolphin). Both of these alternatives are a far less invasive way to keep your pool clean.

As for filters, the king of simplicity is the sand filter. About the only maintenance a sand filter needs, aside from backwashing, is opening the filter lid once a year, breaking up any sand clumps that may have formed, and performing a deep cleaning as described in this post. The sand should last the life of the filter.
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