New pool setup with upgraded pump

Apr 15, 2017
I'm installing an Intex sand filter pump today on my Coleman 22ft pool. I've actually just set the pool up, and I won't be using the filter system it came with. yesterday I was putting on pieces that came with the original pump in case I missed something (First-time pool owner). My pool has the two nipple outlets that have the top hat looking plugs. They do not have cut off valves. What I am wondering is if I need the plastic screens that came with the pump that fit over the two inlet holes on the inside to filter for leaves? It would appear to be very hard if I need to clean the sand pump basic as I need to use those top hat plugs to hold the water in. I assume with my upgraded pump (that already has a leaf basket and I will have a skimmer on it too) that I don't need those two screens on the inside as well.


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Jul 6, 2016
Noblesville, IN
No expert, but I think you'll want those filters even with the basket strainer.
BTW, did you have to buy additional adapters to go from 2" down to 1.5"? My pump came with two, but I need 4 (one at each of the "B" outlets, and one on each of the two input sides of the T connector (where the two separate intakes combine into a single hose to go into the strainer basket).
Anyway, if you did have to get two more, where did you get them and if not, what does your setup look like as I may have something wrong. . .