New pool season - old problems.


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May 22, 2010
Amesbury, MA
We have had some RED algae problems in the past. We have never had a good solution to remedy the problem. I just opened the pool and added the initial round of chemicals. I have also just purchased a TF-100 test kit and used it today for the first time. The results are below. Do these numbers look good? I am also reading through the Pool School too. What can I do to prevent the Red algae from returning?

Thanks, Jeff
FC - 8 ppm
CC - 0 ppm
TC - 8 ppm
pH - 7.4
T/A 200
CH - 20
CYA - 20 ppm


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Apr 1, 2007
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Hi, Jeff,

Welcome to the forum. :lol: Regardless of color or type, Algae is eliminated with chlorine and kept from ever developing in your pool with chlorine.

Your FC is certainly adequate right now but it has dipped too low in times past and the algae has gotten a foothold.

I see 2 things in your numbers....

1. I'd like you to see your CYA raised up to 40ppm....your FC will last longer

2. When you did the TA test, did you wipe the dropper tip with a damp cloth between drops? Let us know.

How does your water look? Have you scrubbed out any places algae might hide like under the steps or inside the ladder(s)?


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May 22, 2010
Amesbury, MA
Thanks Dave,
I did wipe the tip after each drop. I can do that one again just to be sureof the results. Why do you need to keep the tip clean?

We have also been adding powered stabalizer to raise the CYA number. I haven't seen any alage this year yet, but the pool has only been open a week, or so.

The pool water is clear and looks good, we do have some debris on the bottom still that needs to be vacuumed out.


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