New Pool - San Diego


May 16, 2019
Hi Everyone - Anyone know what pool costs are like in San Diego County right now? I have a pool guy I found on Craigslist that used to work for a large pool building company up until recently and he wants to build our pool, spa, and baja bench for $60k. This sounds like a great price for a guy coming in with, seemingly, a turn-key solution for us. But there are a few concessions we may have to make to get this pool at this price.

For reference, the pool would be a 20x40 rectangle going from about 3.5' to 8.5' (measured at the coping) with a 8'x8' spa and 10'x10' baja shelf. The baja shelf would be in addition to the 20x40 pool, not part of it (see pic?).

Thanks for any information. Really, I kind of have my heart set on going the DIY route - but it's scary. Also, if this deal is within reason then it might be difficult to pass up.