New pool quote in Houston,TX


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Feb 8, 2018
Got a pool quote from Anthony & Sylvan. Would like some feedback.
$84000 quote
16x46 pool
2 bubblers on tanning ledge
3 led pool lights and spa led
Cool deck and install cool deck over my existing patio which is 23x 15
Raised wall with 2 fire bowls and 1 water feature
Automated pool controls with app for phone
3 umbrella sleeves
7x7 spa
Their pebble finish for interior
9” tanning ledge
4’ shallow and 6’ deep




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Oct 25, 2015
Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
CircuPool RJ-30 Plus

Here are a couple things to think about:
  • Make sure builder is obligated in the contract to comply with local building requirements and all permits not just the two mentioned.
  • 1 hour of preliminary grading with the gumbo soil in Baytown is not likely to be enough. Find out how long they normally take and make sure you know the unit rate for extra grading.
  • Rain damage to excavation is OK if there's a unit rate for the repair and the requirement builder is obligated to use reasonable effort to avoid this with weather planning and protection of excavated areas. Also estimate how much you could have to get a real total cost of the pool. I prefer to use this approach since it costs you extra to make them guess the weather.
  • I would get a quote for all Pentair equipment.
  • Consider remote internet control system app instead of pda. I'd go with Pentair Intellicenter and ask for an 8 ch instead of a 6 channel. It's amazing how much you end up adding in the future and expansion capacity now is cheap compared to replacing the whole unit in the future.
  • Even if you stay with Jandy don't install a Fusion Soft 2. It has a mineral cartridge that is not TFP recommended because of the metals it adds to your water.
  • Get clarification on the "water the pool every day for 10 days" provision that's not checked. Is this your obligation in the contract if you don't pay them? If so, be very certain you can meet this obligation and prove you did it. Your warranty may depend on it.
  • Order a TF 100 test kit and a Taylor K1766 salt test kit at least a month before completion. Practice on your fill water. Also read ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry. You'll be way ahead of the game to be ready to maintain your pool. Don't listen to any advice from pool stores until you fully understand this information. Ask any questions you may have. We don't sell anything so we're not conflicted like they are in providing advice.

I hope this helps.

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Aug 16, 2020
We are using A&S right now. Gunite is supposed to be this week, though after the heavy rains we had recently, not sure if there is more cleanout/repair that will be needed.

Looking at my contract, I have differences in the following:
-section (9) Yes to hydrostatic relief
-section (9) "owner will assist" for watering shell for 10 days
-section (17) mine explicitly states "all rain damage during construction is included, no hidden costs." Given the additional labor we have incurred due to rain (see my link below) you want to make sure you aren't on the hook for any costs.
-section (21) we have the same salt system spec'd in ours. A&S wants to use Jandy, and I need to ask my construction supervisor about this particular model that the sales guy put in the contract.

Massive rain during construction - feedback requested (Houston)


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Jun 19, 2020
Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
Jandy Aquapure 1400
I would get the Jandy Aquapure PLC 1400 SWG instead of the one you have quoted. You should google it, but I believe based on memory that the one you have quoted is a mineral / SWG combo. You wouldn’t use the mineral part and the SWG part is a lower capacity than just the normal PLC 1400 (which is a SWG only).

Edit: Ah, I see @setsailsoon already mentioned the SWG model.


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Aug 28, 2012
Houston, TX
Definitely Pentair vs Jandy...I would look at a Robot vs Polaris, but have the water line installed anyway.

Re Cool'deck, what are the specs on digging out gumbo clay "soil" and how deep are expansion joint spect's? You install anything w out an 8-10" sub layer below your final product. on clay, you can count the days b4 it will crack/shift/move/crack. We have almost 1400 sqft of travertine and it had a 10" aggregate and 2"sand/portland cement on top of that: so far [knock on wood] no movement in 5 yrs...other nbors have diff type concrete based decks and they are all cracked.

What type of firebowls and spec's ?

FInally, how many bids did you solicit and by whom if you don't mind stating?
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