NEW POOL -- Pump & Filter placement?


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Jul 14, 2010
NW Ohio
Before I dig in the dirt and level the 2" solid blocks with sand, is this set up correctly? SEE PHOTO.

-- Are the filter & pump too close/far from pool wall?

-- Is it OK if hoses touch?

-- Hoses are dinky, want to replace with better ones; any suggestions as to a quality Brand?

-- Both are 80". Should I allow for new ones to be longer/shorter?

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Jul 14, 2010
NW Ohio
OK, my brain must be addled from all the excavation & setup is a better arrangement of filter & pump, closer to the pool, looks like 3' hoses could be used instead of 6'. SEE 1st PHOTO.

-- Looking at the hoses close up, are these made to be cut into shorter hoses? SEE 2nd PHOTO.

-- Is it OK to have both hoses 3'?

-- What is a better quality brand of hose?

-- Should a valve be "clamped in" on either the skimmer or return?

-- Should the cement blocks be "dug in", level with the ground, or left above ground, just leveled with sand?

For Winter, current plan is to remove pump & hoses.

Pump & Filter setup Correctly.jpg

Hose cut.jpg


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May 10, 2017
Hays, Kansas
Whatever you like and also you have to mow and weeded around that stuff.

Plan on changing to PVC as those hoses will fail on you, but you will get a year or two out of them