New pool project.. help needed..


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Feb 28, 2017
Wake Forest / NC
So Im looking at buying a Buster Crabbe Aquasport round 24' pool. I have a sloped back yard and wish to put inground on the uphill side.
Here is the package..

24' round
uni beed liner
pool steps for deck
light and timer
solar cover
vacuum kit
pool armor mat, wall foam, and adhesive.
start up chemicals
extra skimmer and return
Blue torrent bond master 1.5hp pump
choice of
Filter systems by Blue torrent
Sand filter 19"
Cartridge filter 90 sq/ft
DE Cartridge filter 75 sq/ft

not sure what filter system to go with..
my buddy recommends sand, the pool installer says cartridge, and the pool sales guy says go with DE system. I don't know what to go with..
My pool installer recommended an extra skimmer and return, 300$ extra, not sure its worth it??

Any suggestions

Thanks in advance.



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Jul 10, 2012
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What fun! I love my sand filter. It is very easy to clean and does a good job keeping the water nice. The DE will polish the pool a little better but is more work to care for to me.

I would get the extra return but skip the extra skimmer.



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May 2, 2011
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I also believe sand filters are overall best. Never replace anything under normal conditions. Just an occasional backwash. Can always add de to it for the extra polish without the work of a de filter.
Extra drains are great. Extra skimmer if located poorly can disrupt skimming action and cause stagnant pockets

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