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Apr 13, 2021
Hi all,

New here and looking to start soon on a new pool once we get approval from our city to modify our utility easement. Our initial design is below. We have not yet decided on a builder or signed a contract. I would appreciate any feedback or tips. Is there anything else we should consider?

16'x26' (will expand up to 2.5' closer to the rear fence if easement modification is approved)
Depth of 3.5' to 5'
Pentair WhisperFlo 1.5 hp
Pentair IntelliFlo VSF
Pentair Quad DE 80
Pentair FullFlow XF Valve
Paramount PV3 in-floor cleaning system w/ 17 heads
In-line Clor w/ Ultra UV sys
2 Pentair GloBrite LED 12v
2 skimers
3 SDX main drains
Lueder coping
Limestone dry stack wall
3 or 4 sheer magic falls



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Jul 3, 2013
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Welcome to TFP :)

I will start this off...

1. Ditch the floor cleaning and get a robot, they clean your whole pool and scrub for 20 cents a day and when they break you buy a new one... when that IFCS breaks it costs blood sweat and tears and does not scrub anything... Also makes you run your VS pump at high RPM when you do not need it...

2. Drop the UV system, We have the sun that gives way more UV than that system ever will...

3. Think about a salt water generator... Creates chlorine in your pool and is EASY.. liquid chlorine will have to be lugged around and pucks will shoot your CYA above 100 within a couple months..
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Apr 13, 2021
I appreciate the feedback. I like the idea of the in-floor but not having a deep well section worries me that it will not accomplish much. I admit I do not know much about robots but that is my next item to research.

The UV system was included as a promo at the time of quote otherwise it would not be a consideration.


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Ditch the UV now so you never have to look at the discarded equipment and junk attached to your wall or equipment pad wall when you realize they're worthless and you unplug it. Save electricity by not having it take up space.

Using chlorine pucks, as per your plan, isn't sustainable especially in Texas with long swimming seasons. The pucks contain CYA Stabilizer which builds up and causes problems. The only way to get rid of high CYA is to drain/refill with fresh water.

A better way to sanitize your pool is a Salt Water Chlorine Generator...aka "SWG". This uses salt in your pool to produce free chlorine which then recycles itself back to salt to be made into free chlorine again and again! Been in use since the 1980s and almost all the TFP Texas folks use a SWG no matter what their pool builder says, and love it!

Maddie 🐞
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