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Jul 22, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
Hey all! We just got our pool going. It’s an 18,000 gal gunite pool with quartz plaster. Has in floor cleaning, a gas heater and also a salt cell. All Pentair equipment, 2 VSF pumps (one for cleaning, one for water feature).
The start up guy got it going so It’s good for now.

The salt cell isn’t active right now due to the quartz plaster.
For water testing, I’ve downloaded the PoolMath app and have a test kit being delivered tomorrow.
Right now, my VSF pump is set to run from 8am -5pm @ about 40 GPM. Comes out to a water exchange of just over 1:1.

any tips or pointers from anybody? The salt cell is oversized due to the heat out here. TIA

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: Congrats on the new pool. For your warranty, follow the steps outlined by your builder. But in general terms, you already know there will be no salt or SWG use for the first 30 days. Your builder may also wait 3 days before adding stabilizer and chlorine, but you should confirm since it is summer and the last thing you want right now is algae. Once you get your test kit, post a full set of results and we'll compare notes. :) ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry