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Jun 18, 2010
Southern Alabama
We just bought a house in Southern Alabama with a inground pool 20' x 40' with a right angle extension? Axp 35k Gallons. I had a pool company come out to make sure the pump and stuff was working and show us the basics how to use the pump etc and to test and add the chemicals it needed. The pool was pretty much just tap water because of leaks that were in it. (now taken care of). They put in 3 containers (2-3 gallons a piece?) of liquid chlorine.

What are the bare necessity we need with chemicals & testing stuff?
We have nothing right now.
Any recomendations on type or brands etc?

How much basic chemicals will you go through in a week or month?

Any recomendations on a cheap but still decent vacuum?
I know I need a net for the top stuff floating.
I know I will need a lot more as time goes on but just want to try to get the basics at a pool store without coming out sore in the end.

Any thing else right now?



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Mar 17, 2010
Spring, TX
John T has posted some wondering info right here on the site. I was a new pool owner at one time and it all seemed like a lot. Just ask questions and get the answers from here and do not get pool stored (using the advice recieved at the pool store) and you will be fine.



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Nov 18, 2009
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x2 to JohnT

The best deal going for a test kit is the TF-100. If you think it is expensive, read through some of the posts of people spending hundreds and hundreds of $$$ on pool store magic cures that don't work.

At TFP we recommend liquid chlorine (aka bleach) as the long term chlorination method for both regular maintenance and shock. This can come in the form of bleach from the supermarket (Walmart Great Value being a popular one) or liquid chlorine from the pool store.

Did the pool company give you any test results? You really need to know the state of the water before you can know what to add. If not you could run to the pool store for a test (not the best solution but better than nothing). DON'T BUY ANYTHING THEY TRY TO SELL YOU. They will try to sell you $200 worth of stuff. Use that money toward a test kit instead.

When you have them post your results here and we can start helping.
We need:

  • FC
    CYA <-- This is very important.
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