New pool owner

Here is my story.

I recently purchased a home with a pool, so i am new to pool care. I have read for hour and hours on this sight as well as others.
Originally the pool wasnt green but extremely cloudy. The previous owner was telling me to keep backwashing the DE filter at the time and it will clear up.
Well come to find out, quite a few of the grids were destroyed and he put tons of DE in the pool. After i backwashed numerous times i began to question it, which led me here.
I replaced grids, and the the exterior of the filter cracked.. So i decided to switch over to a sand filter. The pool became GREEN again, but is now clearing up thanks to this web sight.
I will also note. That i did get pool stored into buying green to clean or whatever its called, luckily i found this sight before the robbed me!

Few questions and or concerns.

I have noticed a little sand in my backwash sight glass when backwashing.. It does clear up when rinsing. Is this an issue?
Also i have been backwashing frequantly (3-4 days in a row after brushing) because the pressure rising.
When i discovered all the DE in the pool i vacuumed a decent amount of it to waste, but could not get it all.
Could remaining DE cause the pressure to rise a noticeable amount to require the backwashing?

Tomorrow my TF 100 kit should be here so i can begin my SLAM!


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A Great resource for all your pool questions...:wave:

I suspect the main cause for your filter pressure increase is because the filter is doing what it should... removing dead algae from your pool. A lot of people put some DE in their sand filters as it helps capture more bad stuff...

I believe your best option is to stay on course with your what you are doing now and then once your new test kit arrives, give us the test results. In this format...


Once we get your test results we can point you in the right direction.

Thanks for posting,

Jim R.


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Jul 10, 2012
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Hi! You, your pool, and your wallet will love it here at TFP!

It is easy to tell you have been reading! Nice job on the test kit! I can't wait for you to get it and can show us your tests!

Sand in sight glass when backwashing is very normal. The sand is getting tossed around to get all of the yuck out. I am glad you knew to do a rinse afterwards. That settles it all back down.

Jim has you covered on the pressure.

I would love to see what pool as it looks now. It is VERY helpful to take a picture a down at the steps. Take one each day so you can see the difference your hard work is making. Go ahead and stock up on bleach/chlorine. Make sure it is fresh so you can knock that algae OUT!