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May 31, 2010
We just bought a house which came with a pool. The pool filter was junk so we replaced it with a new FSN Plus Vertical Grid DE multivalve filter system

We started it up yesterday. Our pool is a swamp and noticed that the pressure went from 10psi (which is what is recommended) to 18 psi. We did backwash/rise a couple of times and then it would fall to 15psi. Then added in more DE as I am aware that some of the DE may just go out on the backwash.

So the pool is running on filter with a steady 15-18psi pressure. The flow is excellent but I am concerned that I have to clean the filter - I have only had the system on for a couple of hours.

Any advice would be appreciate.


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May 20, 2007
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DE is the best available filtration, but when you are cleaning up a swamp it means you will have to backwash and clean the filter often. Can you set it to 'recirculate' while you kill the algae, and then let it settle and vacume to waste? You want to scoop out as much solid matter as you can with a net/leaf rake and begin killing the algae with liquid chlorine.

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