New Pool Owner with Questions


May 8, 2010
Kendall Park, NJ
Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie & this is our first pool (10 year old), we just bought our home today :-D and really don’t know anything about a pool, never owned one before! It’s scary! I don’t even know how to vacuum. But I have read the pool school several times and researched lot of information here and read lots of posts.

Ours is a lazy L shaped 15 x 32 feet 3’ shallow and 8’deep vinyl lined pool, when I plug in numbers pool volume shows as 19,700 gals. 1HP pump, sand filter (pump & filter are 2 year old) and multi function valve and there is an offline chlorinator. I did a pool inspection and he found everything working in good condition. The previous owner paid a company to service, open & close. I was going to continue to do that until I came across this site looking for a pool service company in the area, I found this website!! There’s a wealth of information here & I have tried to absorb as much as possible. I want to maintain our pool by BBB method if I can.

I bought a TF100 test kit in advance and tested the water today right after we closed and got the keys to our new home for the first time, here are the numbers.

pH – 7.2
TA - 30
FC - 4
TC – 4.5
CH - 140
CYA – 0-5? This was tricky I did this one 3 times but I saw black dot every time even when the solution was full in tube!

The pool water is cloudy, blue, greenish couldn’t see the bottom of the deep end and noticed some darker spots (may be sand/dirt?), very disappointed in its condition, don’t know how to post a picture but will learn & post soon

I have few questions and I thank everyone in advance for helping me out.

1) CYA - I did CYA test 3 times and each time I could see black dot with solution all way to top am I doing anything wrong? :hammer:
2) So for a target CYA of 40 I need to add 92 oz wt or vol of CYA.
3) FC – I need to shock to achieve clear the water so based on current CYA I need to add 245oz of 6% bleach to get FC levels of 10 and hold it until FC overnight test?
4) Worry about pH after I get CYA & FC under control.

Does this sound right? I will be visiting Walmart tomorrow to purchase bleach, stabilizer I would appreciate if you can help me with an action plan.


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May 20, 2007
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1. You probably have little to none. Sounds like u are doing it right.
2. use granular CYA, u can purchase it at Walmart, also called Stabilizer. Use the "sock method" to add it. Target 30 for now. U can raise it when you are done shocking.
3 Yes :) but once you add enough CYA to reach 30 your shock level will be 12.
4. No. First, u should raise your TA up to 70 with baking soda. Use the pool calc to determine how much. Then you can begin to shock. Low TA can cause dramatic shifts in Ph so lets get that TA up into range first. :)

You are headed towards a Trouble-Free Pool :goodjob:
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