New Pool Owner with Partial Drain Question


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Aug 18, 2021
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AAE35758-87E3-4659-AB14-05C4D3FA802E.jpegMy pool was just finished June in Fort Worth TX. I bought a sump pump off Amazon to partially drain and refill to drop the CYA and CH. I hear horror stories of the gunite popping out if the water table is too high. I have a 14k chlorine pool. I’m thinking of draining half and refilling within the next two months. Thoughts? Thank you!


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May 3, 2014
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You need a proper test kit. I suggest the TF-100 or Taylor K2006C. A proper test kit is needed to get the accurate water chemistry results needed to follow the TFP protocols.
I would not make any large chemistry decisions based on that data.
I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Per that test you have copper in the water. Are by chance using Clorox Xtrablu products? They contain copper.

You really, REALLY need your own test kit. We don't trust pool stores for testing or advice. Long history of bad things happen to pools when owners don't take control themselves and instead listen to the pool store "pros" <slight gag at the word "pro">.

The Taylor 2006C available on Amazon, or the TF-Pro available at
I like the TF-Pro myself.

ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
Recommended Levels

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