New pool owner with dumb questions


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Sep 9, 2010
Hi everyone, title of subject says it all

Yes the pool is a salt water pool and for the most part I understand the mechanics and operations of the system...maybe

So after two days of wondering why the returns were bubbling now and then I've concluded that the water level is low courtesy of evaporation.

Not sure where the water level marker is at on the liner..

Water level is so low now that the The Bio Guard MS-10 system says no flow

I guess I have to add water but how?

I would have thought that this type of system be fed a water supply.

Is this just as easy as using the water hose and reading the chemicall levels from the MS-10 panel?

Help!! the bubbling is pretty loud now and its late and the no flow light is on the panel - I would suspect operating in this condition is not good for the hardware.



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Nov 5, 2008
Put a hose in it for now. Best practice is to leave an air gap between the pool and the hose, so that when the hose is off no water travels back to your house system.

I suggest putting a kitchen timer on for 10 minutes, then check to see how much more water you need. You do not want to forget about the water running. Been there, done that, came home to water running down the street.

Someone can help that knows more in a moment.


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Jul 6, 2010
Hi! WRT water level - target the water level about halfway into the skimmer.

It might help if you added a few details about your pool (size, type, etc) to your signature. Had to "bing" your SWG system - the BioGuard setup looks like a constant flow of $$$ to the pool store for the weekly "Renewal" product (borax & other stuff).
Cheers - Taz
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