New pool owner replacing main components


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Mar 16, 2017
Virginia Beach
Grew up with a pool and helped take care of it but now own one for myself. Little background: House was a vacation rental previously. Hayward DE system filter. Was running as a salt system but it seems like once the cell and board went bad they were just putting chlorine in the skimmer. Wiring is bad on pumps- just plugs not in conduit. Audible arc when turning system on.
I am thinking of replacing everything and just starting fresh. Looking at going with Sand filter, and Jacuzzi salt system and Jacuzzi variable speed pump. If I replace everything wiring will be redone and Leslie's is running an install promotion that saves me money there.
So here are my questions.
1) Seeing that much of the work was shoddy / used to get the pool through last vacation season as I best in tearing down and starting over, especially since I have to replace most of the components?
2) Looking at prices it seems that I will save some money using Jacuzzi over Hayward. Any concern using a "lesser" known brand?

Thanks for the time and glad to have found the site.


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Sep 8, 2016
Your best luck is that you came here and asked! You will be amazed at the breadth and depth of expertise and information here. TFP has not only saved me a lot of money, but my pool is so ridiculously clear now that my friends joke about it.

Suggest you get Multiple Quotes. Leslie may not be giving you the install free. I have not found anything from Leslie [but this is here in CA], ever a good deal. They are local, so if I need something right away, that is great. But a good deal? Not for me. I am just one person, so take that with slightly more than a grain of salt. Get three or 4 quotes for two reasons:

1) Competition is a wonderful thing
2) Choices are a good thing
3) You can ask a lot of questions you become immune to sharks; don't so much believe the conclusions, rather ask for the reasons behind the recommendations. Then come back here and let the experts pick the answers apart.

I would have bought the wrong filter had I gone with a single recommendation, or gone with my gut.

I like the idea of starting over if nothing has much life to it for these reasons:

1) you have the most flexibility--no existing component is going to force a decision that is not optimal
2) Same for your layout--you can re-think it so it is higher efficiency, and
3) you can add automation, or plan to add it in the future [can you tell I like my automation?]
4) You can think about upgrading efficiency [flow restriction reduction, VS pump, upsized filter], so the system reduces power costs

Downside is you are replacing things that don't need replacing, so your costs will be higher.

About Jacuzzi, I'd do a search here and maybe even start a thread to see what other's experiences have been. I see Hayward, and Pentair dominant here.

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