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Jul 10, 2012
Ok, here is my story.

I live in the midwest in a rural area. I bought a 16' x 42" above ground pool. The one with the inflatable ring that never stays inflated. :roll:

I've had it up for about two weeks now. I have well water, but I filled it with 100% water from the water softener because our well water has a LOT of iron in it. Stains the house, sidewalk, etc. Shocked the pool for the first time and the next morning it was coffee brown. Could not even see the bottom, it was so gross. So we drained it and the iron was solid and on the bottom of the pool. You could actually see it in little particles along with a brown ring along the top, but the walls and floor were not stained. Filled the pool again.

Now I have not shocked it yet as I am scared too. I am using the chlorine tabs in the floater and I have been using bleach to help maintain the chlorine levels according to the pool calculator. The tabs alone don't seem to do much tho. I have the stabilizer in a sock. For the first few days with new water in it, everytime I add bleach it turned more like iced tea, not quite coffee. But I bought some Iron Myte at Menards and that helped to clear it up. Constant rinsing of the filter that is black and gross.

So, I have two questions...
1. Its still a little greeninsh, yellow color. It's clear, not cloudy and this Iron Myte seems to help with the brown, but will this be an ever problem? Will I have to keep adding the Iron Myte every time I add bleach or will it eventually stop wanting to turn brown.

2. What is going to happen when it rains or I have to top it off again? Is this the never ending cycle I'm in?

Might also add that my PH levels are always high. I will get some PH Down, but it's 30 miles to the nearest town so it might be a few more days before I get there.

I am really frustrated with this. If it's going to be this much work, I'm going to water my burned up lawn with it and get rid of it.

Please help. Thank you.

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Welcome to TFP.

1. Unfortunately it will most likely be a never ending problem. There are cases where the iron has filtered out enough to become a non-issue but they are few and far between. You'll have to add sequestrant as long as the water you use is from that well.

2. Rain doesn't have any metals so if you could get enough rain it would actually help your issue.

Keeping your pH down will help.