New Pool Owner, Quick question

Feb 27, 2017
Memphis, TN
This is my first time posting but I've been reading this site since we started thinking about getting a pool.
Put the pool up a week ago after I first added salt and turn on the SWG during a dirty brown color was still clear but had a brownish yellow tint to it. Went online and saw that that may be Metals in my water so I left the filter on and it cleared.
Water is clear but I not crystal clear (like when I first filled it). Took sample to pool store for testing this morning.
FC 5
TC 5
Salt 2600 (will add 20lbs later today)
Calcium Hardness 40 (I don't​ think that matters??)
CYA 45 - I added 1lb to a sock so it's dissolving now)
TA 120
PH 7.5
Copper and Iron 0
Phosphates 300

My question is does phosphates matter? I don't see many people posting about it on this forum. Should I buy PHOSfree like they suggested at pool store? Could this be why I don't have that crystal clear look?


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Jun 29, 2016
Walhalla, SC
What brand/formulation of salt did you use? Some kinds I've tried have a slight brownish tint to the water. It's probably metals, but at a low enough concentration to not be a major issue if it's not also in your water supply. This could also be the reason for the slight cloudiness. If it's been less than a week since you've added salt and other chems, you might just wait a bit. Sometimes I've noticed mine is a bit cloudy right after salt, but it clears up soon enough.

There's little reason to believe Phosphates are an issue except in rare circumstances. It's kind of a last resort thing around here. It's a good way for pool stores to make money though!