New pool owner, question about order of startup


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Jun 28, 2020
Hi TFP, thanks for providing such a great resource. I've been reading and trying to understand as much as possible but still have a couple of questions. First the basics,

New vinyl Intex XTR pool. 4550 gallons. Freshly filled from the hoses.
Combination pump/filter/SWG - Intex CG 26679.

Got the pool set up correctly, filled it up, got the pump set up too. It can now filter and circulate water without issue. (Had a slight air leak but that has been resolved I hope) I've done some preliminary tests and the pH is a little high at 7.8 but I should get my salt and CYA done before I retest and mess with this, right?

My question is about the order in which i start adding things. First, I add the salt, and let the pump dissolve and circulate it, correct? I believe it's 115 lbs to be added for startup according to my manual. My understanding is that it should run for 24 hours, but since my pump is oversized for my pool and can turn over the volume of the pool in about 2.5 hours, is the full 24h necessary?

At what point do I add my 1.1 lbs of CYA? After the salt has been circulating for a while? Right after the salt is added?

And then at what point do I turn on the chlorinator function of my SWG?

Thank you all for your help!


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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

pH of 7.8 is fine.

Add the salt and CYA at the same time. Run the pump for 24 hours to dissolve everything no matter how oversized your pump is.

Turn on your SWG after the salt has been in the pool for 24 hours.

What is your CYA target?

With the K-2005 test kit you lack the FAS DPD test to test your FC over 10 ppm. You should get FAS/DPD Chlorine & CC's test if you intend to follow TFPC methods.

Or you can manage your pool as a seasonal pool...

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